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About IBQA

IBQA, the International Board of Quality Assurance and Accreditation was founded by GAEFE, the Global Association for Executive Financial Education.

IBQA is a not-for-profit organisation, supporting the assurance of the quality of executive financial education programs through quality assessments, initial accreditations and repeat accreditations as to support continuous quality improvement of the executive educational programs involved.

The core of IBQA is constituted by the IBQA Associates: recognised financial experts. These experts are senior academic professors in finance, financial management or related disciplines, together covering the entire spectrum of finance and financial management. They come from all over the world and each of the experts have substantial experience in executive financial education.

The Supervisory Board of IBQA consists of three members, selected from the group of IBQA Associates.

IBQA is a foundation, registered in the Netherlands, Netherlands Chamber of Commerce 63792680.

For inquiries please contact info@ibqa.nl

Lars C. Smith